Of cupboards and closets 


Repressed indifference

tango with skeletons


Folded inside fragments

of some old handkerchief

hanging out to dry, left

behind to wave your goodbyes


Captured in your reins of

soft and broken leather

ridden till steam and sweat

crumpled, folded, and clattered


Returning, yet, as brittled lovers

forsaken to taken one last absence

a final break, down memory lane

only to return, bold and splintered


Just another skeleton at the feast

now taking aim for the cupboard

where you may rattle your fortune

wisely, a fake in a blinded mirror


Leaving me to bare my soul, undone

in a closet of deep crimson velvet

your wanting rainbow of restitute

my colors of harmony and abandon


Sleeping with demons


I prefer to sleep with my demons

with cover on or cover off

it never truly mattered

it never ever lasted long


even the candle from across

that long and winding stairway

broke open between flickers

waving farewell with its flame


casting wavering shadows

chasing but their contours

flappingly reaching my closet

filled with your lonely skeleton


rattling its forgotten thoughts

resembling reality in pure emotions

roaming through my deepest sleep

while chasing its tails and demons







In memory of October 7, 2017 
- Alex, Chris, and Seth
       - Aaron, Bryan, Bryce, Matt, and Scott