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Aiksaurus: An Electronic Thesaurus

Educational Terminology History of English Roget’s Thesaurus

American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language 4th

Elements of Style (Strunk & White, 1918)

IPA fonts (downloadable) Roget’s Int'l Thesaurus of English Words & Phrases

Aussie Slang & Phrase Dictionary

Encarta encyclopedia

Jargon Dictionary Roots of English (downloadable)

Bartlett: Familiar Quotations 10th edition

Encyclopedia Meta Site (6)

Knowledge Adventure encyclopedia

Sacred Texts (Internet archive)

Basic Writing Skills Guide Sheet

Encyclopedia of Mythology (Probert)

Library of Congress, Online Catalog

Spelling Dictionary Online

Better Busines Writing


Martindale Reference Desk

Statistics and Empirical Research in Education

Britannica Online

English & German Idioms & Sayings

Merriam-Webster Online

Synonym dictionary


English Idioms: Sayings & Slang

MLA Bibliographic Format

The Century Dictionary
A GREAT FREE online dictionary

Cambridge International Dictionaries

ESL Idiom Page

Multilingual Glossary
(417,000+ entries)

Translation & Interpreting Terminology

Chicago Manual of Style

ESL Center & Resource Pages

Newbury House Online Dictionary

Visual Thesaurus

Columbia Encyclopedia 6th edition

Etymology Dictionary


Webster’s Dictionary online

Datasegment.com's Online English Dictionary
Very good & fast dictionary

Founders' Constitution (US Constitution)
Great collection of thoughts, opinions and arguments by the founding fathers of the US constitution

Quotations (Cyber-Nation)

Word Oddities & Trivia

Dictionary of Difficult Words

Foreign Language Resources

Perseus Encyclopedia

WordNet Online Dictionary of English

Dictionary of Education

Funk & Wagnall’s

Proteus Word Search


Word and phrase definitions from a variety of English dictionary resources

Great Books Online

Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources


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