The links presented on the following pages were collected over several years of surfing the Internet, being subscribed to several mailing lists, and through the contributions of many translator colleagues too numerous to list here.  They are primarily intended to assist my translation students at the University of Pittsburgh in their homework and course-related assignments and research tasks.  If you find any broken links while visiting these pages, or if you have any suggestions for improving this page even further, I would welcome a short note.

Some of these links point to files saved and stored as PDF files. You will need the software tool Acrobat Reader in order to be able to read these files. It is available free of charge from Adobe.

The collection of links has been grouped according to the classification below. Click on any of these links to bring up the corresponding links page ... and enjoy your surfing.

NOTE: Companies frequently update and change their Internet presence. As a result, some of the links presented here may no longer be working. At times, previous glossaries or dictionaries cannot be found anywhere on the new pages. In these cases, it may be worthwhile visiting and search for it.

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Last updated: 31 August 2010